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Church Weekly Notices

St Thomas the Apostle, Finsbury Park




For the Church’s role in encouraging responsibility for climate change: that we are able to use our worldwide relationships in enabling conversations that are well-informed and reveal the detail of vulnerable people’s lives.
For all parishes in London that are in an interregnum: that they are well supported by the diocese so that they can flourish amidst uncertainty.For Shahnawaz Javed being inducted as Minister of Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church on Saturday.

For the Palestinian people as Fatah and Hamas work more closely together in Gaza and the West Bank; that this contributes to peace, stability and the reopening of conversations with the government of Israel.For all who are dependent on benefits for their survival in this country: that the system of assessment and payment is fair and efficient.For everyone who, in pursuit of their own gratification, fails to consider the cost of their behaviour to others: that full responsibility is brought to bear.

For this congregation: Emmanuel Acheampong (16), Nicky Spice (17), Corey Vito-Cruz (19), Jessamy Taylor (20).
Birthdays: Katie Dawson, Nicola Byrne, Jason Miles (15).
For this parish: our neighbours in Chatterton Road;
Gillespie School – Mark Owen, Head Teacher.

People for whom prayer is asked: Kathy Sweet; Vince; Jozef Dulak;Ayesha and Hussain; Joan Pope; Sacha Marson; Debbie Ashton;
Margaret Armitage; Gloria May and Heather Adlam; Angela Pearce;
Alyosha; Marlise, Philip, Niall and Brian Kirkpatrick; Caroline Bucknall; John Irwin; Anne Couzens; Malcolm Johnson and Robert Wilson; Anthony Shore; Camilla Broderick.

For the departed: John Pearce, Arthur Kirkpatrick, Janet Burrows, Peter Bucknall;
Rosie Slater (15), Ossie Thompson (17), Emelda Pascall, Violet Stocker, Siobhan Close (19), Alwyn Hastie-Murray (20), Ratnabai Samuel (21).


1. Please use the red cross envelopes for our special collection towards the ministry of our link parish in Mozambique. Their immediate need is for a tuk-tuk so that the priest can travel to and then around the parish.

2. Today from 12 noon until 4 pm: Apple Day at Islington Ecology Centre.

3. Today at 5 pm: Evening Prayer led by Anne Rose.

4. We need more volunteers to help with our children’s activities during the service, if they are to continue in their present form. Why not you? Please let Rowan Howard know:

5. Liz Thorrington is compiling the next rota for washing altar linen. Please offer to join this:

6. Monday from 6.15 until 8 pm in Finsbury Park Mosque: ‘Hate Crime against Muslim Women’ – a listening exercise. We are all invited to hear what is happening and to join the conversation.

7. Wednesday at 7 pm: Holy Communion – Luke the Evangelist.

8. Thursday from 2 until 4 pm; drop into the hall for tea, cake and a chat.

9. Thursday at 7.30 pm: Singing Group continues with Andrew in the chancel. Join them this autumn and help to enrich our worship!

10. Friday at 2 pm: Bible Study – continuing to explore the First Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians. Why not join them?

11. Cake Saturday in the Blackstock Triangle from 2 until 4 pm in the gardens of 54 – 60 Ambler Road. Meet your neighbours.

12. Sunday 10.30 am: Parish Eucharist.

13. Have you joined the Parish Giving Scheme yet? To find our more speak to Stav Stavrou or Anthony Dass. Doing this involves less work for us in the future and makes it simpler for you as well.

14. Monday 23 October at 7 for 7.30 pm: Movie Night – ‘The Omen’ (1976), directed by Richard Donner, with Gregory Peck and Lee Remick.

15. All Souls Day is on 2 November. If you would like someone to be remembered by name, please add them, printing clearly, to the list at the back, even if they are already included in the Book of Remembrance.

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