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Church Weekly Notices

St Thomas the Apostle, Finsbury Park




For the Church in Hong Kong; Paul Kwong, Archbishop: care of people anxious about the relationship with the government in Beijing; greater freedom of worship; witness against excessive discrepancies of wealth.
For Liz Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney: that her ministry may be a
blessing to the Stepney Episcopal Area; that her Visitation to us tomorrow encourages our witness; a good appointment as her personal assistant.

For the relationship between the governments of the United Kingdom and Russia: that wise counsels prevail and there is a measured response to the current crisis, which includes honest conversation at the United Nations.For local councils throughout this country: that they are given the resources to provide generous social care to people in need, who do not have the means to contribute wholly or partly themselves.For more people to be willing to sacrifice part of their quality of life so that the daily lives of others may be sustainable, whether they live in this country or abroad.

For this congregation: Conor Ramsden (19), Clifford Ratoo (20), Satin Reid (21).
Birthdays: Emily Neill- Hall (18); Alice Evans (19); Dorothy Newton, Penny Collins, Zoe De Waal (21); Holly Chilton, Isabel Bernard-Carter (22).
For this parish: our neighbours in Twyford House and Elwood House;
Finsbury Park Trust and Neighbourhood Plan – Talal Karim, Director.

People for whom prayer is asked: Eve Heard; Graham and Jozef; David McLaughlin; Sam Malkani; Graphian; Susan Packer; Anita Kermode; Chris and Anne; Tallulah; Sandra Bickhari; Sori and Galgallo Elema; Juliette Soanes; Beryl Warren; Pamela Machidza; Dwayne Foster; June and Devonte Hamlet; Poppy, Amber and Margaret; Jeremy Crossley.

For the departed:
Arjun Malkani, Walter Mitchell (19), Pushpa Malkani (20), Beattie Morgan, Clara Perkins (21), John Ware (22).


1. The ‘red cross’ envelopes are to encourage you to give generously towards our special collection for our ALMA Link in Mozambique. We are currently raising funds to enable them to buy a tuk-tuk so that their priest can travel more easily to and around the parish. There are copies of ALMA’s Annual Report by the basket at the back. Who might be interested in exploring the possibility of visiting Mozambique in 2019?

2. Monday at 7.30 pm: Parochial Church Council.

3. Wednesday at 7 pm: Holy Communion – Thomas Cranmer.

4. Thursday at 8.30 am: Holy Communion in St John Brownswood Park. Please join us occasionally or even regularly. A few of you are already!

5. Thursday from 2 until 4 pm drop into the hall for tea, cake and a chat.

6. Thursday at 7.30 pm: Singing Group rehearses for Holy Week.

7. Friday at 2 pm: Bible Study ‘The Letter of James’. Why not participate?

8. Saturday from 10 am until noon: Cleaning St Thomas’ for Holy Week.

9. Saturday at 8 pm: Highbury Chamber Choir sings music by Vittoria, Palestrina, Weelkes, Monteverdi and others.


11. Sunday at 10.30 am: Parish Eucharist – Palm Sunday.

12. Sunday at 5 pm: Stations of the Cross.

13. Holy Week and Easter are approaching. Please participate as fully as possible. Sign up for the Washing of Feet and Vigil of Prayer on Maundy Thursday. Pat Crocker and Carol Clarke are co-ordinating the food for our lunch on Easter Day. Don’t wait to be asked, offer!

14. Have you joined the Parish Giving Scheme yet? This is the new one that makes life easier for our volunteers. If not, or you’re not sure, please speak to Stav Stavrou sooner than later.

15. Please make sure to keep an eye on the table at the back of the church and the notice board in the hall, as well as having a Kalendar, of which there are copies in the porch, at home, so that you don’t miss anything.

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