Annual Parish Meeting 2021


• We need to elect our churchwardens, as this election happens every year.


Heather Pascall is willing to continue as Churchwarden and is eligible for re-election.
Justice Konneh is standing down, having served his maximum term of service. 

The maximum term of service is 6 consecutive years.


• Please seriously consider taking your turn as a member of the Parochial Church

There are 3 vacancies. Those elected will serve for 3 years. We are
grateful to those who are ready to continue to serve and to those who have
come to the end of their term of office.

• A copy of the revised Electoral Roll is being circulated by email.


If you are eligible, but not on the Roll already, your name can be added before or at the meeting. 


All completed forms can be sent electronically to: Iain McSeveny on or put though the door at 59 Gillespie Road, N5 1LH or
handed to one of the Churchwardens.​


(Zoom link below)

Minutes of the last meeting

Trustees Annual Report and Accounts

St Thomas's Road 

London, N4 2QP


Charity Number 1179777

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