SUNDAY 17th May 2020



For the Anglican Church of Korea, Moses Nagjun Yoo (Archbishop, and Bishop of Daejeon)

Capital Vision 2020 Ambassadors: help us to share the love and grace of Christ with those around us

Hampton Deanery: Tim Garrett (Area Dean)

Deanery Synod: Garth Watkins (Lay Chairman),

Anne-Marie Philp (Secretary)


For the places throughout the world suffering the ravages of war, where Coronavirus is just one more blow, asking that pressure is applied to leaders to end hostilities. The people of Yemen, that there may be enough to eat and for adults and children and for medical services to be restored. Those in isolation and those living alone, that this pandemic is a wakeup call to us all to look out for all those who live amongst us. May we be encouraged to look up from our busy lives to see what is happening in our own neighborhood, and to consider the needs of those most vulnerable. All children without ready access to outside space.


Congregation: Rose Hanland

Birthdays: Grace Francis(17), Angel Acheampomah(19), Deborah Urquhart(20), Helena Konneh (21)

For this parish: our neighbours on Monsell Road;

All those working with the elderly and vulnerable in the Finsbury Park area.


People for whom prayer is asked: The Rubinia family; Stephen Cole and Rashad Zeynalov; Davis Mac-Iyalla; Catalina Ronzon; Jamie O’Conner; Sandra Hall, Jade Hall and Sebastian Rooke-Ley; Jim and Katherine; Beatrice Osie; Helena Kydd and the Bradbury Family;


For the departed: Maria Rubinia;

Patrick Simon(22), Sam Konibere(23)


  1. We continue to hold services remotely by streaming over the internet. Continued thanks to Pauline, Briony, Nik Myers and others who work to make it happen. Go to the St Thomas’ website for a link to the service. Please join circa 10:25 for a 10:30 start. Remember, the recorded service will still be available if you can’t make 10:30 on Sunday.

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Justice Konneh (07956-852-620) - Church Warden

Heather Pascall (07958-512-288) - Church Warden


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