We pray for the United Church of South India: Dharmaraj Rasalam (Moderator, and Bishop of South Kerala).

St Clement Finsbury, David Allen (Vicar), Sister Elizabeth who runs the Dunloe centre providing food and support to local people in need. All who attend the Thursday Tea at St Thomas’ - guests: Mickey, John, Christos, Stanley, Bob, Ray, Mary, Samantha and Sheila; and giving thanks for those who volunteer as hosts: Pat, Anita, Christine, Malcolm, Kate, Rowan, Anne L and Dorothy.

For the people of Kenosha in Wisconsin USA, following another episode of unjustified police brutality, we ask that those in authority act quickly to bring people together at this sensitive time. We pray for people throughout Africa having declared the eradication of Polio, and we plead for greater funding for efforts to combat diseases that are still prevalent and especially those affecting the young.In this country we remember the plight of asylum seekers following the tragic death of a young woman and the baby she leaves behind. A timely reminder that the burden of COVID is not being shared equally. We bring before you children throughout the UK as schools reopen hoping that measures in place are sufficient to protect them and their teachers.

For this congregation: Woody McIntyre, Ashley Vito-Cruz, Benjamin Ritchie, Lilliana Frazer.

Birthdays: Sayo Olateju (31); Corinne Urqhart (1); Briony Murray (3).

For this parish: our neighbours in Twyford House, St John’s School, its children, teachers and parents.

People for whom prayer is asked: Jackie Clements; Linda Davies; Maureen; Sue; Helena Kydd; the Bradbury family; Adele, George and Dorothea; Hope; Carole, Michael and Keisha Clarke; Nadira Ali; Elizabeth Mac-Iyalla; Davis Mac-Iyalla; Anju and family; Stella Stavrou; Ted and Elsa; Gloria; the Rubinia family; Barbara; Frazer, Sarah and family; Iain McSeveny; Jay; Linda; Catalina Ronzon; Chris and Collette Corby; Anne Higgins; Matt; Paul Crozier and Nick Armstrong.

For the departed: Tony Pantling; Mercy Baguma

Anniversaries: Beryl Saunders (30); William Cope (3); Benedict Green, David Jenkins (4); Sue Shrubsell (5)


  1. We will continue to have an online service, which will be available on YouTube. Thanks to Pauline and others who work to make it happen. This week’s service will be online later but will continue to be available as usual. 

  2. Zoom Morning Prayer on  Wednesdays at 9.00am with Pauline.

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  4. Islington Council: To request and/or offer support to your neighbours, please contact:

  5. We are Islington: 

  6. Highbury Mutual Aid: call/text 07961 703751 email HIGHBURYMUTUALAID@GMAIL.COM

  7. Consultation of Highbury Quadrant Congregational church: – you may like to read the plans as they are of local interest.


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