Pray for the new Province of Alexandria, created from the former Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa in the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East:

St John’s Upper Holloway, Alan Comfort (Vicar), Debbie Onyekwuluje and Uzor Monu (Lay Preachers).

For all who helped to make the church reopening a success.  We pray for the PCC meeting this week.


Muslims throughout the world, unable to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. We pray for all those living in the world’s slums and substandard housing and ask that they are able to receive help and support at this very difficult time, when much of the day work they rely on is no longer available. We pray for the people of central Africa where measles is making an unwelcome comeback. In this country we pray for the people of Oldham as they prepare for possible strengthening of restrictions. We ask for your blessing for all art and culture venues as they struggle to adapt and sustain their vital work.


For this congregation:

Birthdays: Abigail Holmes (2); Heather Pascall, Albie Felsted (3), Maria Saidy, Alannah Acheampomah (4), Sarah Wyles, Polly Fowler (6) Josephine Burdin (8)

For this parish: our neighbours in Blackstock Road, all small shops and businesses in the Parish.


People for whom prayer is asked: the Rubinia family; Barbara; Frazer, Sarah and family; Iain McSeveny; Davis Mac-Iyalla; Gloria; Jay; Linda; Catarina Ronzon; Melissa and Grayson; Collette; Anne Higgins; Matt; Hazel; Elaine; Maya Chidi; Grazyna; Jean; Billy; Cynthia Frantz; Nick and Michelle Wooldridge; Lisa, Tom, Brigid and Zoe; Chris, Pete, Amber and Poppy; Tungie, Lyn, Eva and Elliott; Carol.


For the departed: Janet Dickie

Anniversaries: Edward King (4); Rita Richards (6); Patrick White, John Willis (7)


  1. We continue to hold Sunday Service on our website. Thanks to Pauline, Briony, Rosie, Nik Myers and others who work to make it happen. Go to the  St Thomas’ website for a link to the service. Please join circa 10:25 for a 10:30 start. Remember, the recorded service will still be available if you can’t make 10:30 on Sunday. 

  2. Please also join us for Zoom Morning Prayer on Wednesdays at 9am and Zoom Weekly Bible Study on Fridays at 2pm. 

  3. All links are in your weekly Saturday email.

  4. Islington Council: To request and/or offer support to your neighbours, please contact:

  5. We are Islington: 

  6. Highbury Mutual Aid: call/text 07961 703751 email HIGHBURYMUTUALAID@GMAIL.COM

  7. Consultation of Highbury Quadrant Congregational church: – you may like to read the plans as they are of local interest.


Contact details:

Priest: Pauline Nashishibi



Justice  (07956-852-620) - Church Warden

Heather (07958-512-288) - Church Warden


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