Lent Candle: our fifth candle will be lit as usual. We have been considering

our need to repent any behaviour that has made life harder for others: failure

to co-operate for the common good, or taking short cuts for our own benefit.


For the Church in Iran and all places where Christians are unable at present

to gather for mutual support in a more hostile environment.

For the Church in London: that we are able to retain a sense of our common

life in such a way that enables us to support others wherever possible.


For people who are travelling away from home and unable to return: that

every effort can be made to bring them back safely.

For sufficient assistance to be given to people in countries where health

systems are inadequate to combat COVID-19 robustly.

For all working to treat people who have contracted COVID-19 and those

who are working to develop medication and equipment for treatment and

vaccinations with which to eradicate it.

For everyone whose real needs may be overlooked because they are either

too familiar or are not considered to be urgent enough.


For this congregation: Christine Cox (30), John Cragg (31), Pat Crocker (1),

Anthony Dass (2), Katie Dawson (3).

Birthdays: Jemima Thomson (29); Harriet Ware-Austin, Clare Bayley,

Emma Dixon (30); Cato Blake (31); Grace Moussongela,

Georgina Robinson (3); Flora Thomson, Matt Abbasi (4).

For this parish: our neighbours in Drakeley Court;

                            St John’s School – discussions about its future management.                          


People for whom prayer is asked: Ray Pope; Edward Smith; Andrew Naylor;

Tony; Antonio and Maria Rubinia; Inez and Cliff Sinclair; Beverley Gordon;

Carol Clarke; Nicky Spice; Cynthia and Henry Frantz.


For the departed: all people who have died during the past week;

Norman Armstrong, Veta Williams (29), George Peirce (30), Florrie Eatly,

Tom Gresley-Summers, Richard Carlton (2), Patrick Murphy, Zahra Adams,

Erika Konzelmann, Eve Heard (4).



  1. St Thomas’ church building is closed until further notice. It will not be reopened until we are authorised to do so. You will continue to hear the bell, if you are within range, as I will continue to say Morning and/or Evening Prayer from Monday to Friday. God in Christ remains present with us. I hope the ringing of the bell is reassuring and can be heard further away, given that I can now hear birdsong much more clearly.

  2. Please let me know if someone who is isolated or vulnerable would like me to contact them or needs any kind of support. We have also been alerted to beware people who are taking advantage of the situation.

  3. Please also let me know if you would like us to pray for anyone.

  4. The Annual Parish Meeting is postponed until further notice. The current members of the Parochial Church Council, our representatives to Islington Deanery Synod and the Churchwardens continue in office until that meeting can be held. We’re grateful to all of them.

  5. My official retirement date is my 71st birthday on 16 April. It is not possible to mark that in any way for the foreseeable future. However, I’m told that something is planned for later this year, or even next, depending on events. I shall be living elsewhere, though I may have to come back to The Cardinal’s Hat from time to time depending on when it is possible to move the remainder of our things.

  6. As many of you know we have been thinning out the house as we are in a two bedroomed apartment. The PCC agreed last week that St Thomas’ would organise to take the things I now can’t the various charities: Marie Curie Shop on Seven Sisters Road, Bright Sparks, Oxfam Bookshop and British Heart Foundation. Please help with this as the house needs to be emptied for possible occupancy during the vacancy and repairs.

  7. Some more religious items are on tables near the pianos. When you are allowed back into the building, these are for you to take. There is an ‘honesty basket’ there for donations to ‘Wheels for Climate Change Emergencies’, the Diocese of London’s Lent appeal. Please be generous.

Rev’d Prebendary Stephen Coles

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