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Baptism: if you are under 16 years of age we are happy for you to be baptised with the support of your family. However, this only makes sense if you are encouraged to come to church with them. Baptism is the beginning of a relationship that continues for eternity. Although in one sense your relationship with God began when you were born, baptism shows that you want to have that relationship, even if initially this is done on your behalf until you are old enough. Before the day of the service one of the clergy will meet your parents and godparents to talk about baptism and to answer any questions. We baptise during our main Sunday service at 10.30 a.m. about 6 times every year. No more than 3 families can be involved on any one occasion and applications must be made at least 2 calendar months in advance.

First Communion: at St Thomas’ we are ready to prepare our children to receive communion once they are in year 3 of their primary school. They must be coming to church regularly and this enables them to take a full part in our service.

Confirmation: if you are over 16 you can be prepared for confirmation. If you were not baptised when you were younger this takes place at the same time. There is no upper age limit to either when you can be baptised or confirmed. Confirmation is an adult commitment of faith, marking a stage in your spiritual life. Our spiritual growth continues until the end of our lives.

To discuss any of the above please contact Revd Caroline.

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