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Marriage: if you are both over 18, or 16 if you have your parents permission, we are able to hold your wedding service in church. For this to be possible one of you must be baptised and either live in the parish, or worship regularly at St Thomas’.


It is now possible for people who have been divorced, and whose first spouse is still living, to be married in the Church of England, although there are some conditions.


Some people who live in the parish get married in the church where one of them comes from as if they are still living at home with their parents. We read their banns here. How much more honest to be married in the community where you are living! Marriage registers reveal that couples nowadays usually have the same address. What happens in church is a ‘solemnisation’ of a relationship that already exists.


You can also go to the registry office to make your legal contract and then come here with your certificate to have your marriage blessed.

Civil Partnerships: unfortunately we are not allowed by law to register your civil partnership. However, we would certainly consider having your partnership blessed here after the civil ceremony.

To have banns read, or arrange your wedding at St Thomas' please contact Revd Caroline.

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