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Schools in the Parish


There are two primary schools in the parish, Ambler and Gillespie. These both
do very good work with a diverse selection of pupils. The vicar occasionally
goes in to take assemblies, and the children sometimes come to the church as
part of their curriculum.

St John’s is a Church of England primary school on the edge of the parish,
but we are not more committed to this school than the others. Members
of the congregation go to all three. St John’s has a very good reputation
but works with a less diverse group of children.


City and Islington College in Blackstock Road was completely
refurbished as part of a local regeneration scheme. This provides a wide
range of full time and part time courses for people from school leaving age
to those who are retired. A new local library was incorporated as an
integral part of the building.

Ambler Primary School
Gillespie Primary School
St John’s Highbury Vale C of E Primary School
City & Islington College

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