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Issued with the authority of the Vicar, Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council of St Thomas the Apostle, Finsbury Park.



  1. The basic charge is £30 per hour, with a minimum charge of £60.

  2. For ‘one-off’ bookings a returnable deposit of £30 is to be paid. This may be returned at the discretion of the vicar after consultation with the hall keeper.

  3. Those who are using the hall at least once each week may be charged £22.50 per hour with a minimum of £45.

  4. All payment is in advance. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The PCC of St Thomas’ Church’.

  5. The hall is occasionally available for private parties, but never for ones at which amplified music is played and/or alcoholic drink sold.

  6. For health and safety reasons numbers are limited to 80 including children.

  7. The playgroup equipment cannot be moved out of the hall and is not to be used by others except with the permission of the vicar.

  8. We encourage recycling as much waste as possible. Please use the brown bin in the kitchen for food waste. Paper, glass and cans/tins should be washed and placed in the large mixed recycling container near the gate. All other waste is to be securely sealed in black plastic bags and placed in or beside the dustbins outside the main hall door.

  9. All those using the hall are expected to abide by our Child Protection Policy, which can be found on the website.

  10. Everyone using our premises must comply with our Mission Statement, which can also be found on the website.

  11. The hall, kitchen and lavatories must be left in a fit state for the next user. The grounds should also be checked for litter, food waste and cigarette ends.

  12. Smoking is not permitted inside the building.

  13. No equipment is to be kept in the hall and nothing fixed or stuck to the walls except by prior arrangement with the vicar.

  14. All functions are to finish by 10.30 pm at the latest. Clearing up must be completed by 11.00 pm. This is out of courtesy to our neighbours.

  15. The vicar and/or churchwardens and/or hall keeper will terminate the use of the hall at their discretion if there is misbehaviour or abuse.

  16. More detailed conditions will in due course be available on our website

  17. These charges and conditions will be reviewed at a meeting of the PCC in November 2018.


HALL SECRETARIES: Anne Lambourne and Cynthia Mapp

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