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Funerals: you can have your funeral service here before going to the crematorium or cemetery. This is better for two reasons. We do not have to worry about the length of the service, whereas in a crematorium you have a ‘slot’, and a church building has associations other than death. Wherever you want to have the service, if you want your parish priest to take it, it is vital that we are consulted before the time is fixed with the funeral director. Most funerals are arranged by your next of kin, but you can plan this beforehand by making a contract with a particular firm, writing a will with details of what you want, or at the very least telling your next of kin what you would like. Making a will is a sign of maturity and not ‘ tempting fate’ at all. If we truly love those closest to us we will want to make life easier for them, at a time when they are bereaved, by being clear about our intentions. We also have a small garden around the church where many parishioners’ ashes are interred. This not only avoids a long journey to the nearest ‘garden of rest’, but means that their mortal remains are in a familiar place nearby.

If you would like to discuss any of these matters or arrange for a baptism, wedding or funeral, please contact Revd Caroline.

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